This monitoring speaker establishes itself as a reference thanks to the precision of the stereo image, its capacity to reproduce each of the micro details of the audio signal , as well as unconditional respect of the original dynamics.
One of the major SM9 innovations lies in the fact of offering 2 monitoring speakers in only one and unique cabinet. The SM9 is thus composed of 2 monitors: a 3 way monitor and a 2 way monitor.

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Amazing clarity!


Great sound that lends itself to easy, fun listening while still being very neutral. This monitor is so clear, with exceptional lows and highs, that it is super fast to train your ears to it's sound. This goes a long way when you are first starting with them. Also, I decided to buy these because my last set of low cost speakers gave me such a hard time with translation to the outside world that I was determined to just get a speaker that I could mix something once and know I was going to be sending out a final result, the first time. And yes, they filled the role. These are LOUD, but because of the low distortion, you can really get carried away, so be careful.


Excellent monitor. Everything I was wanting in a small (relatively) package!


Our go to mixing speaker!


Still burning in


Best Pro Studio Monitors I Have Ever Used Or Heard.


The best monitors !!!


I previously had the Focal Twin6 Be's, which I loved. The SM9s are a significant step up. Stunningly good speaker. They're so good in fact I have a difficult time listening to other speakers now. All I hear are the shortcomings.


Please just design a remote for the side a must!!


Love it!


AMAZING. Love them. thanks guys!


Love them, perfect!


seems to clip pretty easy....any suggestions would be nice.


Love them!!!


Pure and powerful speakers that really sound incredible with well produced music. Picking up on anything bad in a mix is fast and a solution is immediately apparent. A very precise 3d stereo image and well balanced extended frequency response, each sound has tangibility and the speakers are powerful enough to remain smooth and dynamic from very low to high volumes. The various voicing options are brilliant. Although being very heavy, they are quite small considering they open such a wide window into the music realm. Certainly the best speakers I've ever owned and one of the best sounds I've ever heard. Having such a full range aspect in front of you as near fields really puts you in to an event and making, producing and listening to music with them is an informative and awesome experience. They are beautiful too! :)


Great speakers, which I have been using as nearfields for a little over a year now. Worth the investment. My overall sound as a producer has changed after being able to hear every little detail in a mix. Can't live without them no more.


Fantastique !! mes amis - brilliante!


I recently bought a pair of Focal SM9s for my studio in Auckland New Zealand.

They are far and away the best ever monitors I have heard anywhere.

I have used entry level brands, B&W Matrix 802, Adam A77X, Mackie HR8M and these blow them all away.

Finally clarity and definition have arrived congrats to Focal for changing the game by designing and making a great new product that is a revelation and a revolution...

I researched these extensively before buying and the team at Focal New Zealand, Jeff Clark and John Moher at The Audio Consultant have been great ambassadors for Focal in NZ.

Its funny when you read all the comments about these speakers by people who have not ever tried them!!

They dont even realise the specs and the lengths that Focal have gone to in the Amp design and the whole package. Seriously there is no distortion unless you clip the inputs...that makes for a whole lot of quality sound...thats what I needed and want.

Congrats Focal and the Team in NZ keep up the good work!!

Focal seem to have selected professionals to operate their business here which is fantastic. Not only are they a pleasure to deal with they are knowledgable and fun!


Boom - Love these guys! After 10yrs on Dynaudio monitors and really hesitating to move away from something I knew very well, I'm glad I made the jump. I feel right at home on the SM9s, and the mixes I complete on the monitors are translating the way I expect them too - very happy!


Fantastic sound separation. A nice low-end. Need a fairly well-sized room to appreciate their performance.


It's still in break-in stage, I'll know more tomorrow.


A superb monitor for bass intensive audio applications. My younger ears are more tuned to the SM9's frequency response, and I no longer struggle with appropriately attenuating sub-bass in my projects. This allows me to fit the bill of "loud" whilst ensuring I can still meet that criteria on most consumer devices. Also, let's not forget that a well mixed track through these at a high SPL can provide just the right amount of "hype" factor when demoing for clients. Finally, I must mention that it's not easy to get a crystal clear picture of material that might be "harsh" in treble. However I find that my studio mini's do this job just fine.


Sounds great so far!


Very impressive!


love them. hope build quality is good.


Already impressed from the tight bass even though the speakers are brand new and how they translate across the frequency range!




Let me sum up what has happened to me buying SM9. I purchased a couple of Focal SM 9 ordered from Eko Music Group (Italy) in date 21/11/2012 with this following serial number:

Left: 15D000881
Right: 15D000906

I Immediately had a problem with the right loudspeaker. When turned it on
there was the correct Led color sequence (Red, then orange, then green) but after some time it happens a very short flashing red visualization
(it could be happen after 30 minutes, 1 or even 6 hours) and was not possible to control the monitor's features (change from 3 to 2 way and Direct input as well).

I immediately contacted Eko's assistance but when I received back the right loudspeaker, the problem was not solved (they said they had updated the software..).

So I sent the the loudspeaker again to the assistance, but this time I received a monitor that it was not mine. I was very surprised and disappointed!

In the meantime suddenly, the left loudspeaker had a unaspected problem, it switched off by itself, without any reason. So I asked them to get a new pair and they linked me to talk to Mr Metzger (Focal's Export Sales Manager) on March 11th, who sent me a couple of brand new Focal SM9 that I received on March 27th 2013. Finally, after 4 months of attempts, I got what I payed, two new working speakers.
Some bad situation should not be happened in a professional line monitors.

Roberto Girolin


Amazing low end detail, precision and control

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